Public Safety

As an Assistant U.S. Attorney and, before that, as a prosecutor in the Riverside DA’s office, I spent every working day putting criminals in jail.

While I was hard at work at the courthouse, holding criminals accountable, Sacramento politicians were hard at work passing laws to release the very same criminals from jail and out into our community. The dangerous policies of AB109, Prop 47, and Prop 57 are jeopardizing the safety of our community. We are already seeing the harmful effects of these policies in the sky rocketing rates of property crimes like burglary and mail theft. I will work hard to reverse these failed policies so that law enforcement officers can start putting criminal back in jail.

Gas Tax

The $52 billion gas tax bill Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes voted for, SB 1, is a bad deal for our region and will cost the average family $800 a year. We all agree we need to fund transportation, but under SB 1 only a small portion of the new revenues can actually be used to reduce congestion by expanding capacity on our roads and highways.

A huge chunk of the taxes collected will be going to Los Angeles and the Bay Area for their rail transit systems. Riverside County is home to many commuters who rack up hundreds of miles in their cars every week and buy a lot of gas. That means our residents will be paying a disproportionate share of this tax hike and seeing very little of that money being spent to reduce congestion on the roads they drive every day.

I’m opposed to the gas tax and will work hard to ensure voters have an opportunity to reverse the gas tax hike this November.


We need transportation solutions that speed up and reduce the cost of transportation projects by reforming California’s costly red tape. We need to reform the costly CalTrans bureaucracy that the state auditor found has “weak cost controls” that “create opportunities for fraud, waste and abuse.” We need to re-direct the taxpayer money being wasted on the high-speed rail project to other transportation projects that will help Riverside County commuters stuck in traffic.

Jobs and the Economy

California is home to a number of exciting industries and success stories – in spite of everything Sacramento politicians do to chase them away. Between high taxes, job killing red tape, and an ever-expanding nanny state, it is often amazing that any business can stay open in California.

The California Dream is quickly turning into a nightmare for far too many small businesses. I want to work with California job creators to enact policies that will help them grow.

Let’s eliminate unnecessary red tape that slows down projects and makes them more expensive to build. Let’s refocus our labor and tort laws to focus on their intended purpose, not as a tool to fleece small business owners out of money. Let’s bring more high paying jobs – right here – to the Inland Empire!


I was raised – right here – in Corona. My parents legally immigrated from Lebanon to the United States in 1984 to escape a violent civil war. As most immigrants do, they sought a better and more prosperous life.

I graduated from Centennial High School and successfully completed the AVID program designed to ensure first generation students make it to college. I was the first in my family to attend college, and eventually law school.

I will support policies that give all students access to a quality education. I strongly believe we should empower parents with the choice to decide what’s best for their children. Let’s reward teachers who excel and have accountability in our schools. We simply can’t afford to fail our children.

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